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Dear Mr. Bob Bratina,

Council of the Congress of Bosniac Intelectuals (CCBI), Croatian National Council (CNC) and Serbian Civilian Council (SCC) are associaton of civil sociaty /NGO/ in Bosnia and Herzegovina, established 25 years ago.

We want to express our appreciation and gratitude for the extremely significant speech in the Canadian Parliament on the occasion of the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina - one of the most important public holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Your closing remarks communicated in the Bosnian language, and which were greeted by the standing ovation of the Members of the Canadian Parliament and a lengthy applause, is a meaningful and important support to the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to all its peoples and citizens who respect it, its democratic processes and its Euro-Atlantic integration. Your speech in Canada's largest legislative body, the Parliament, is one of the strongest voices of Canada's support as a member of the Group of Eight (G8), and as a member of the Steering Committee Council for the for implementation of the freedom, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political character of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We felt free to send You our Declaration, which is signed by eight NGOs this year, where we explain to our public and international community in B&H, what kind of state and society we advocate for.
It would be our honor to host You in Sarajevo, should there be a chance to integrate this trip into a future visit to Europe.

You are our friend and please, continue to be the voice of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Canadian Parliament.
This letter we send to You through our friend in Canada PhD Emir Ramić.

With sincere appreciation,


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